Greek food at Petra

Greek food at Petra

by adminpetra, May 26, 2021

Greek food at Petra | Sacramento |Folsom

Why you should eat at Petra

Petra offers the best gyros, traditional and authentic Greek foods in the Sacramento region.  We’ve asked a number of our dedicated customers, what keeps bringing you back.  Why do you eat at Petra?  Here’s the top five reasons you should eat at Petra:

  1. Authentic? YES!:  We provide our customers with a taste of Greece they have never experienced in the area.  Our recipes, desserts, and even our beer, is from Greece.  We welcome you all to come and taste a portion of our culture.

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  1. Hours matter:  We know that customers can enjoy Greek food any time of day, which is why we stay open until 3am on the weekends at our midtown location, offer extended Happy Hours and deals at our Folsom and midtown restaurants, and serve lunch specials and catering to satisfy the demand for the comfort of authentic Greek Food.  There’s something special about leaving a party late at night or heading home after an evening with friends and knowing that a greasy slice of pizza isn’t your only option.  Petra is there for you until the wee hours serving the best, most homemade, gyros and Greek food you can get your hungry hands on.


  1. Oh, the appetizers:  There’s no reason to pick one thing at Petra.  Our selection of appetizers and dips are so extensive that you can taste almost every bit of our menu by sharing some of these meze style dishes with a group of friends.  Buy a bottle of Greek wine and enjoy a tapas style meal in a great environment, Greek music playing, and


  1. Saganaki:  Hands down one of our best sellers is this speciality dish of fried Kefalograviera cheese, flambeed in Metaxa Brandy and quenched with fresh lemon.  Leaving a skillet of crispy, melty cheese that is good on anything you want to eat it with. Or just straight.  We have customers that drive up from the entire Northern California region to enjoy our saganaki, and its an honor to serve it to our loyal patrons every single time.


  1. And the number one reason you should eat at Petra: Gyros, Gyros, Gyros.  Three types of Gyros to be exact.  Nowhere else in the region will you find roasted pork, chicken and beef/lamb gyros, all served on warm pitas with onions, tomatoes, parsley and fresh made tzatziki sauce or Greek yogurt.  Pro tip:  We kind of get a kick out of people who want to spice up their gyros in special ways.  Want onions to be sauteed?  Add Sriraracha?  We know for a fact that adding some yellow mustard to the pork gyros “ap’ola” (with everything) is absolutely delicious.  Give it a try.  Make the gyros of your life! But don’t hesitate to stick to how we serve them–we know what we’re doing and we love every movement of serving you the the tried, true, and authentic taste of Greece!

Greek food at Petra | Sacramento |Folsom


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