Happy Hour Menu

Discounted food & drinks for dine-in only. Available Monday - Friday 3:00pm - 6:00pm.


Avgolemono Soup 
The famous Greek lemon soup made with rice, fresh eggs, chicken and pita bread.


Triple Dip Plate (Vegetarian)
Tzatziki sauce (cucumber and garlic), revithosalata (Greek hummus), tyrokafteri (spicy feta cheese ).


Petra Fries (Vegetarian)
French fries with feta cheese and oregano.


Saganaki (Vegetarian)
Fried kefalograviera cheese flambéed with a shot of metaxa (Greek cognac). Opa!


Dolmades with Greek Yogurt (Vegetarian)
Vegetarian stuffed grape leaves with a mix of rice, parsley and Greek seasonings.


Three Souvlakia

Choice of Vegi, Chicken or Pork.



Olympia Beer – $2.00

Mythos Beer – $2.50


Pelagos – $4.50
Choice of Red or White

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